5 Reasons Why Your Wedding Songs Matter


The right wedding songs can make for the right wedding.

Planning a wedding involves many, many decisions, and music selection is certainly one of the key calls a couple must make. While some people simply tell the Wedding DJ to play the hits, choosing the right songs can often make the difference between a ho-hum party and a blow-out of a wedding. Here’s why your song choices matter, and how to make the right ones.

It Lets You Put Your Own Imprint On Your Wedding

Weddings are events in our lives rich in tradition, which is a nice way of saying that you’ve got a lot of people to please. Whether it’s meeting religious obligations with your ceremony, or just trying to make your family happy, you’ll often find that your wedding is less about what you want and more about what you’re negotiating with family members and others. It can often feel like you’re the one paying for someone else’s party.

So picking your wedding songs is a good way to help ensure that your celebration is completely yours, especially with a DJ that knows how to mix them. Music is a powerful force and can set the tone in ways that can surprise you, even if you think it’ll only be in the background.

Your First Dance Should Be What You Want

The first dance as a couple is one of the most beloved wedding traditions, and it’s one entirely up to the couple. Do you want it to be fast? Slow? Fun? Romantic? The song is entirely up to you, and often the first dance will set the tone for the rest of the event… not to mention being immortalized on video and recalled for years. It’s a chance to make your wedding yours, and for you as a couple to have an oasis of peace in a busy day. There’s a great list of?popular first dances?at WeDJ.com

Make your wedding as distinctive as your rings.

You Can Get People Moving

Part of any wedding song selection is getting people out on the dance floor, whether you’re playing classic dance hits, modern chart-toppers, or an eclectic mix of both your tastes. Getting people dancing is the hallmark of any good wedding song, and a well-chosen mix will get everybody from your grandma to your little cousins moving. A good wedding DJ will measure the tone of the room, and use the songs you’ve chosen to get people dancing and enjoying themselves. Be prepared and make sure your dj has all the most?Requested Party Songs?for your wedding reception.

You Can Keep Tracks You Don’t Want To Hear Off The List

Let’s face it, there are songs that we just don’t like, and there are people that we love who have, well, um, questionable musical tastes. Setting a list of wedding songs allows you not only to define your wedding, but keep well-meaning relatives from accidentally defining it for you. After all, you want to see your disco-loving uncle, not his record collection, at the ceremony. If you give the DJ options, you’re also giving him what he needs to rebuff a request for the greatest one-hit wonders of the ’70s, no matter how well-meaning.

It’s Fun!

Finally, the best reason is simplest; it’s fun to pick out the songs you love for your wedding. You can choose what you most want to hear at one of the happiest times in your life, and with?the right DJ, you can weave the music that’s important to you into the beautiful tapestry that is your wedding, giving the songs you love a new meaning that will linger with you for life.