5 Ways to Make Sure Your Guests Feel Welcome at Your Wedding


By taking just a few extra steps, you can easily ensure that your guests have a memorable time at your wedding reception.

When you arrive at the reception site, let your entire wedding party take their places at the head table. Traditionally, the bride and groom, their parents and attendants sit at a long, lavish table facing the guests. Begin the reception by taking your seats to enjoy some food and then cut the cake. After that, it?s time for the newlyweds and parents to work the room as separate couples.

Move around and see people, giving each guest some personal time. You?ll have the best experience if you and your new husband remain together as you mingle. That way, you can introduce each other to relatives and friends that your spouse may not yet have met. Plus, your guests want to say hello to both of you, not just one of you.

Another option, rather than going from table to table, is for you and your new spouse to stand in a spot that’s easily accessible to everyone at the party. For example, you could position yourself on the dance floor or in front of the bridal party table. Don’t block doorways or stand in the corner; this will only create havoc and result in guests missing their opportunity to speak with you.

During dinner, small talk may be less awkward for your guests based on how you have chosen to handle seating arrangements. If you?re allowing guests to choose their own seats, they have the option of sitting next to someone they?re already acquainted with for comfortable conversations, or they can enjoy meeting someone new.

If part of your wedding planning will include toiling for months, creating a floor plan of the room, then be sure to consider personality types and how guests might get along with others, and then meticulously assign them to specific tables.

Keep in mind eight to 10 people can sit comfortably at each table. Just be careful to anticipate guests? needs ? don?t sit Great-Aunt Harriet right next to the DJ?s biggest speakers.

One way to break the ice at your guests? tables ? and add your own personalities to the affair ? is to throw away table numbers and name the tables. Give them names with meaning to you and your fianc?. Perhaps the characters from the movie you saw on your first date or landmarks from the alma mater you share.

As you visit with your guests, it?s important is to let them know you?re glad they are a part of the day. These people have come at your invitation, with many of them rescheduling their work and traveling a distance, and it?s your obligation, as hosts, to make sure that they each get their fair share of time.