Seven Tips For Planning Your Wedding Without Angering Your Co-workers


These days, most brides are working full-time while planning their weddings.

Adding all of the necessary wedding-planning tasks to an already busy life can be a challenge when you?re still responsible for your daily responsibilities on the job. Difficulties might arise when you consider the fact that many wedding vendors might limit their business hours to the very hours you?re supposed to be on the job.

The biggest challenge could easily be to keep from making your co-workers angry. If you?re slacking off on your duties while they?re still working hard, you?ll risk making them feel like you’ve turned into a “Bridezilla”. ?An even worse situation would be for your co-workers to take over your accounts, files or clients while you make no effort to do your work, but focus solely on your wedding instead.

On the other hand, some phone calls and appointments must be taken care of during regular business hours. What?s a bride-to-be to do?

*Be Discreet*

If you need to make a phone call to set up an appointment with your baker, florist, caterer or anyone providing services for your wedding, make an effort to do so during your break or at lunchtime. If that?s not possible, shut the door to an office, find a conference room that isn’t being used, or slip outside with your cell phone.


Parcel out your to-do list so that there is less wedding-related work for you to take care of during the work day. Take advantage of the fact that you have a maid of honor and bridesmaids who are very likely anxious and excited to help, and want to see your day turn out splendidly almost as much as you do.

*Lunch Hour*

No doubt, there will be some appointments that won?t bend and must be taken care of while you should be sitting at your desk or taking care of business. For those situations, arrange to take an odd lunch hour. It?s often easier to meet with other professionals mid-morning or mid-afternoon rather than at the very time they, too, expect to take an hour off.

*Email & Telephone*

Handle as much of your wedding-planning as possible via email and telephone prior to making a trip out to meet with the vendors. It?s much easier to conceal the fact that you?re checking your personal email account than it is to hide the fact that you?re away from your desk or out of the office for half of the day. However, it?s a good idea to limit yourself as much as possible to avoid getting caught.

*Cover Your Tracks*

Keep another session open on your computer at the same time and be ready to toggle back-and-forth if there?s a chance you might be caught. Some employers are more lenient than others regarding employees using personal email while at work, so do what you think is best for your situation.

Completely sign out of your personal email account and exit any web sites before stepping away from your computer, even if you?re just stepping away for a moment. Don?t just minimize those wedding web sites ? get all the way out of them. Make it a point to frequently delete your computer?s web browsing history file, just in case a ticked-off co-worker decides to investigate to see just how many web sites you?re visiting while on company time.

Better yet, wake up early enough to spend some time checking wedding-related email before you leave for work,

*Personal Day*

If at all possible, take a day off for personal business and get as much done for your wedding as possible. This might take several days of planning before you?re able to take that day off. Line up as many appointments as possible, get up early, and be ready to hit the ground running.

*Keep it Quiet*

Avoid discussing your wedding while on the job. Sure, your co-workers are likely happy for you, but your wedding isn’t as important to them as it is to you. Don?t risk making everyone else think that you?re goofing off while on the clock, while they continue to keep the place running. Another negative possibility from talking about your wedding at work non-stop is the risk of making your co-workers think you?re running wedding headquarters on-the-job when you?re not.

After all, your employer isn’t paying you to plan your wedding, so don?t do anything that might put your career in jeopardy or leave you jobless when you return from your honeymoon.