Fresh or Silk? Flowers For Your Wedding Day


For some brides, there is no question. It?s fresh flowers or no flowers at all.

But for those who might still be considering which way to go, there are definitely pros and cons for real flowers vs. silk.


For some brides, nothing comes close to enjoying all of her senses being heightened on her wedding day, and that can include the dreamy scents wafting from her bouquet. Real flowers, of course, carry their own unique scents which isn?t the case with silk flowers. However, there are special scents available to add to silk flowers, so if you really want to go the silk route, that might be something to think about.


Just because they?re imitation it doesn?t mean silk flowers will be less expensive than their real counterparts. In fact, some companies now manufacture faux flowers so realistic that it?s difficult to notice that they aren?t fresh.

Silk flowers can run the gamut from cheap and poorly made, to inexpensive with good quality, to high-price with high quality. You?re in luck if you?re able to find top-notch, lifelike silk flowers at a sale price, and some hobby stores frequently run coupons in their weekly advertisements.

If you have your heart set on out-of-season or more expensive fresh flowers, a little investigating will tell you whether you could actually save money by choosing silk. Out-of-season fresh flowers typically have the power to dramatically increase your floral bill, since it costs more for your florist have them shipped.


Taking care of some of your wedding chores on your own could possibly save you some money and if you are a do-it-yourself type of bride and plan on creating your own bouquets, you might consider using silk flowers. That way, you?ve got the luxury of time on your side. Buy your silk flowers and put the bouquets together in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Set up an area in your home so you can enjoy the challenge of creating the bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces.

Or, if you prefer to use real flowers in your do-it-yourself bouquets, take a hint from the French. Brides in France often visit a flower market the day of the wedding, grabbing stems that they like, and then tie a bow around the stems to create bouquets with a fresh, just-picked look.

This isn’t difficult to do if there is a wholesale flower company in your area or you know of a great source to find stems. Depending on the size of your wedding party and the number of bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces you need, it might be wise to enlist the help of your bridesmaids and borrow coolers from friends and relatives to keep the flowers as fresh as possible before the ceremony and reception.

Another option is to order flowers online from one of the reputable companies who will ship the flowers to you.

If you?re a fan of the hand-tied, casual bouquets that are so popular right now, you should be able to play with the stems until you?re satisfied with the look.


Silk flowers won?t wilt, which is something to consider if you would like to use flowers known for being fragile, if you live in a hot climate, or if you will get married outside.

Silk flowers are a bit more convenient because they?re lighter to transport to the ceremony and to the reception site. A lighter bouquet can be a blessing if you prefer larger bouquets as the weight of a real bouquet might become uncomfortable during the ceremony, especially to your maid of honor who is holding her own bouquet and the bride?s.

Also, you won?t need to worry about keeping silk flowers in water prior to show time, which is a common concern when using real florals.

Whether you choose live or lifelike, your wedding and reception will be beautiful with the right floral touches.