Fun Ways to Top Your Wedding Cake


Beyond the Plastic Bride and Groom:? 4 Fresh, Fun Ways to Top Your Wedding Cake

What will be on display at the top of your wedding cake, attracting attention from the crowd and living on in photos?

While the traditional bride-and-groom figurines are still an option, today?s brides are ditching the plastic columns and fountains that were so popular in the past, and choosing something less cheesy.


Glitzy wedding cake jewelry is a fairly new trend that looks great on top of layers and icing. Wedding cake jewelry usually stands anywhere from three inches to five inches high and are available as letters with or without Swarovski crystals as accents.

A favorite is to choose the couple?s initial for the top of the cake. Add the bride?s initial on one side and the groom?s on the other, or let the single initial stand on its own.

If initials are included on the side, order them a bit smaller than the letter in the center. If that isn?t possible, be sure to sink the side initials a little deeper into the cake and let the middle letter stand up a bit higher, just to offset them for visual interest.

The letters will be anchored to thin spikes that will plunge into the top layer of the cake. The letters will look fine by themselves on the cake, or with flowers along their base. Just make sure the flowers don?t rest directly on the food.

Jewels are easy to find online, at wedding shops, or at bakeries.


Crystal-clear acrylic cake toppers can be an elegant alternative.

They are available in several shapes and may be personalized. A heart-shaped acrylic topper could be personalized with your names and the date. Or a square topper could be engraved with hearts and your initials.

Since they?re lightweight, they will sit on top without risk of sinking into the cake.


Fresh flowers are always an elegant way to top off a wedding cake.

The most important thing to remember, however, is to keep the flowers from touching the cake itself. While some flowers are edible and considered safe to eat, there is always a possibility that a non-toxic flower may have been treated with a toxic chemical before the flower made its way to you or your baker.

Place a thin, clear barrier between the icing and the flowers to make sure the cake isn?t compromised.

Many of the most beautiful wedding flowers are unsafe for human consumption, including calla lilies, hyacinths, lilies of the valley, tulips, hydrangeas, birds of paradise and carnations. If you?d like to place fresh flowers on your cake, do some research first to make sure you?re not putting anyone?s health in jeopardy.


If you had your heart set on figurines atop your cake, plenty of options are available to you. Buy something brand new, whether traditional or whimsical, or enjoy a leisurely day looking around vintage shops or on eBay in search of something with a retro look.