Gifts For Wedding Attendants: Let Them Know How Special They Are


You chose your bridesmaids because each one is special to you, right? Let each one know how much she means to you by avoiding impersonal, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all gifts.

Give each person something sentimental that they?ll treasure forever.

Gifts can range from a business card holder with their name engraved to a spa retreat.

Other great choices? How about a picture frame engraved with the date of the wedding (tuck in a photo of the bride and bridesmaid later), a makeup bag or a Mont Blanc pen.

Younger members of the wedding party will be delighted with gift certificates to their favorite toy store. In fact, gift certificates are always a good choice.

Another option is for the bride to foot the bill for the attendants? jewelry or clothes, or all the little essentials. If you?re going to insist each person look a certain way, provide their special earrings or whatever unifying object you desire.

Traditional attendant gifts aren?t always the best choices. Some girls have become frequent bridesmaids. How many silver plated bobbles does someone really want to have around to polish? Not everyone needs ? or wants ? an engraved flask, an engraved purse mirror or a silver bookmark.

Take time and think about the personality of each one of your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and then purchase something within the same price range for each one of them. The gifts will be more meaningful if each person?s gift is unique to him or her. Wrap them all in the same (or similar) paper, but make each personal.

To make your bridesmaids? presents even more meaningful, include a handwritten note inside. Give each young lady a jewelry box to complement her bedroom color scheme. Inside, let each find a handwritten note describing your favorite memory of time spent with her and how much you value her friendship.

A week before the wedding, treat your maids to a leisurely lunch at a tearoom or your favorite restaurant. Tell them how much you appreciate them standing up for you, and their willingness to help with pre-wedding tasks. This is the perfect opportunity to give each one their gift.

Or wait until the rehearsal dinner and present their gifts while telling stories of how you met or something you shared in childhood. Just by sharing something special about each attendant with your friends and family, it will help your families get to know your attendants and help your good friends feel accepted into your new family.