How to Add Memorable Touches to Make Your Wedding Beautiful


The last thing any bride wants is for her wedding to be a cookie-cutter replica of someone else?s wedding, or ? even worse ? to go through the traditional motions, totally lacking any touches that would reflect the heart and soul of her personality and that of her groom.

What are some easy ways to infuse your ceremony and reception with touches that will make it ?so you??

Sit down and brainstorm, jotting down the qualities you admire in your relationship with your fianc?. What are your values? What is it about the two of you that makes you who you are?

If a certain theme seems to stand out in your life as a couple, think it over and see where that takes you. It could be something as simple as a favorite color, something that has to do with where you met, a sport or an activity the two of you share, a sports team, an alma mater that you share, the best vacation you ever took together, or how your paths crossed at Disney World when you were 10 and you didn’t know about it until years later.

Maybe your signature drink for the reception will be the drink you were enjoying when his friends dared him to introduce himself to you for the very first time. Or the floral theme throughout the wedding and reception will pay homage to the bouquet he sent you after you both realized you were perfect for each other.

Another direction to go would be your heritage. Are there traditions within your culture or your family that would make a statement during your wedding?

Intertwine your personalities as you plan your day. Take advantage of the things that make you ? individually and as a couple ? unique, including your talents and hobbies.

Don?t be afraid of sharing something that may seem silly. Those silly little touches are exactly the type of thing that will help your guests feel like they really know you, even if they happen to be just an acquaintance. Your ceremony will stand out as a special one in their minds rather than the same old, boring wedding that we’ve all had to suffer through so may times.

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Get rid of those boring table cards and numbers and use your imagination. Instead, how about using shapes to distinguish the tables from each other. Whether you go with shapes or names, there are plenty of options. Ocean lovers or fans of fishing might choose things that live in the water, or names of beaches. If you met in college, choose your school?s mascot in different colors, names of your alma mater?s dorms, or names of streets or your favorite hangouts from those days. Do you share passion for the same sport? Name your tables in honor of your favorite teams or players.


Make your departure unique by choosing a special song to be played as you make your exit. Or perhaps you?d like to drive away in a classic car that you?ve borrowed or rented, a horse-drawn carriage, or even a helicopter.


MONOGRAM (Contact Living Jukebox DJ Service for this!)

Custom monograms or logos are gaining popularity with brides and grooms. Hire a graphic designer to create your look, whether informal or elaborate, and then repeat the theme wherever possible. Have a vinyl wall stencil created to attach to the wall near the dance floor, behind the head table at the reception, or to behind the cake table. Plan ahead so that your monogram will be visible when photos are taken, rather than having it hidden by your heads. Some DJ services offer packages where they shine your initials or your logo onto a wall or the dance floor, which makes a fabulous impression. (Yes, Living Jukebox DJ Service can do this!)