Four Tips and 27 Song Suggestions For a Memorable First Dance as Husband and Wife


Your first dance as husband and wife will likely stand out in your memory for the rest of your life. How can you make sure these treasured moments go smoothly?

Dance Lessons

Most couples haven?t had formal dance training, but with the popularity of shows such as ?Dancing With the Stars,? couples feel nervous about putting their arms around each other and simply swaying to the music.

Take a few dance lessons in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Don?t worry about putting on a show or learning difficult moves. Some basic dance steps will give you both the confidence to glide gracefully across the dance floor, impressing your guests.

Dim the Lights

Well in advance of your reception, find out where the light switches are at your site and learn how to dim the lights. Assign this task to someone trustworthy so that he or she can dim the lights when it?s time for your first dance. Not only is it romantic, it will give your DJ the chance to shine your custom monogram or wedding logo onto the wall or onto the dance floor. Check with your Wedding?DJ to see what services they might be able to provide.

Dimming the lights can also let your guests know what is next on the agenda. If the lights are dimmed for your first dance, as soon as that dance is over your wedding DJ is ready to get the party started with disco lights zigzagging and creating high energy to let the guests know it?s time to dance.

Choosing By Type of Dance

The song you choose for your first dance may be ?your? song, so the choice has already been made. But if you?re not sure about a song, how do you narrow it down?

One way to choose is to decide what type of dance would you like to kick off the reception ? slow dance, fox trot, swing, waltz? If you?re taking dance lessons, ask your instructor for suggestions. Once you have chosen the type of dance, it?s time to choose the song.

Some great suggestions include:


  • ?Amazed? by Lonestar
  • ?At Last? by Etta James, Celine Dion, Nat ?King? Cole or Beyonc?
  • ?Can?t Fight This Feeling? by REO Speedwagon
  • ?Don?t Know Much? by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville
  • ?It?s Your Love? by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
  • ?Unforgettable? by Nat ?King? Cole


  • ?A Wink and a Smile? by Harry Connick, Jr.
  • ?Cheek to Cheek? by Fred Astaire
  • ?Could I Have This Dance? by Anne Murray
  • ?Fly Me to the Moon? by Frank Sinatra
  • ?I Hear a Symphony? by The Supremes


  • ?Fields of Gold? by Sting
  • ?How Deep is Your Love? by the Bee Gees
  • ?I Don?t Wan to Live Without You? by Foreigner
  • ?Isn?t She Lovely? by Stevie Wonder
  • ?Just the Way You Are? by Billy Joel
  • ?Let?s Stay Together? by Al Green


  • ?Beyond the Sea? by Bobby Darin
  • ?I’ve Got You Under my Skin? by Frank Sinatra
  • ?More? by Bobby Darin
  • ?Stepping Out? by Tony Bennett and Christina Aguilera
  • ?The Way you Look Tonight? by Frank Sinatra


  • ?Come Away With Me? by Norah Jones
  • ?Could I Have This Dance? by Anne Murray
  • ?Open Arms? by Journey
  • ?When I Need You? by Leo Sayer
  • ?When I Said I Do? by Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

Choosing By Specific Song

Another way to make the decision is to make the song itself the top priority rather than the dance. How about the song that was playing when you met? A favorite song that the two of you share? A song with lyrics that have special meaning for you? Now that you have a song in mind, ask your dance instructor or your wedding DJ for suggestions about the type of dance that would be most appropriate.

Whichever song and type of dance you choose, take a deep breath, look into each others? eyes, and enjoy those minutes alone on the dance floor before your guests join in.