Wedding Newsletters Help Keep Your Wedding Party Involved


If you?re like most brides these days, it?s important to keep everyone involved in your wedding up-to-date at all times, and it?s not easy. Two sets of parents (or possibly more, taking into consideration divorce, remarriage and step-families), siblings, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, out-of-town relatives who will travel to your event ? the list goes on and on.

One of the easiest ways to keep everyone in the loop is to prepare a wedding newsletter.

Some brides choose to send their wedding newsletter out to everyone who has received an invitation to the wedding, while others hold off and create a wedding program to share with everyone the day of the ceremony.

A wedding newsletter helps to avoid confusion since everything is in writing. No one will wonder if the information that they heard from so-and-so regarding which earrings the bridesmaids should wear is true because they can refer to the newsletter to be sure.

It?s also a great way for the members of the families and wedding party to get to know each other, if they don?t already. Some of your attendants may be from various stages of your life or different cities that you lived in. While you often think of everyone grouped together as your posse, unless your entire circle of friends is very close there is always a possibility that some of your attendants have never met.

Be sure to include snapshots of each person, along with a short bio or mention how you know this person. Little touches like this can make a big difference once everyone has gathered in person for the event. They?ll feel like they’ve already been introduced to each other, which can relieve stress at what can easily become a stressful time.

Include information such as when and where the bridesmaids should appear for fittings, when and where groomsmen should go to be measured for their tuxedos, when they will be ready to be picked up, bridal showers and parties, lodging and car rental for those who are coming from out of town. Be sure to include when and where the wedding rehearsal will take place, along with details about the rehearsal dinner, its location, and what type of apparel is appropriate. Your bridesmaids will also appreciate knowing if you plan for everyone to get ready at one location together before the ceremony, what time, and whether they will be picked up. Since your maid of honor is your right-hand-woman, include her contact information in the newsletter to encourage everyone to get in touch with her if any questions arise. This will save your sanity in the long run.

Your wedding newsletter can be as simple as typing up a quick page full of information and mailing it to everyone or setting up a Google Group so that you can easily email the same information to everyone, all with one click.

Or, if you prefer to be fancy, using Microsoft Publisher or Quark Xpress to give it the look and feel of a ?real? newsletter.

Send it to anyone who needs to know the information you have discussed within the newsletter ? family members, members of the wedding party, parents of any children who are part of the wedding party, and even your vendors if they need to stay informed.

If you?re going to have a wedding newsletter, it?s a good idea to send it out as soon as everyone has accepted their roles in the wedding, just to make sure they feel included from the start. If plans change or there is more information to share, it?s perfectly acceptable to send out a newsletter one or two more times. Just keep is short and sweet so no one gets the impression you have turned into Bridezilla.