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Congratulations on your engagement! I would like to welcome you to Living Jukebox DJ Service, and to tell you first of all I feel honored and a privileged to work with you to create a truly unforgettable, fun, and unique Wedding Reception that really reflects your personality and style. We take this privilege seriously, and we promise to make the entire process exciting and stress free!
We understand that for most people, choosing a wedding DJ in Sheboygan is often confusing and difficult, yet it is probably the most important decision you will make for your wedding reception. Since everyone says they are “the best”, how can you truly find out who is good, and who is just an amateur? For a once in a lifetime event like your wedding reception, you best start with a professional.  Don’t take gamble with “this guy I know” or “a friend of a friend”.  Although people mean well, their lack of real experience and skill will not prepare them to handle all of the unexpected details.  For your peace of mind you will want to consider the services of a professional wedding DJ in Wisconsin.The key to a smooth wedding reception is all in the details and planning.  There are DJs out there that do not understand the importance of being properly prepared.  They go out there as “just music” and run into problems.  For over 20 years, Living Jukebox DJ Service has helped hundreds of happy couples create unique, memorable and fun celebrations.  You can use our experience to help you plan your reception, and since we have seen many different situations, we can advise you as to whether something may work or not and why.  We offer completely personalized, custom wedding entertainment. No two weddings are alike, and we can design a program to fit most budgets.First, I recommend you start with a Sheboygan wedding DJ that is a wedding specialist. A DJ from a club or school dance may be great, but they’re not necessarily right for your wedding.
Second, communicate with the DJ Company. This is not a decision that can be made quickly over the phone. You must be sure you are comfortable with the DJ’s style and see if it is a good match for you. After all, they will be representing you at your wedding reception.
Then, check the history and background of the DJ Company. Do they have references? And don’t just take their word for it, call several of their references and find out WHY the client loved their DJ. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a DJ by price alone. If the DJ is not a good fit, but the right price, it won’t matter a bit if he ruins your special day that you spent big money and many months planning. We pride ourselves on our tried and true simple program for running a wedding reception. The standard reception gets six hours of music provided by an experienced wedding DJ. This includes two hours of dinner music for free and four hours for the dance. In our typical wedding, all the big ‘special events’ are taken care of within the first hour of the dance. The dance is typically started with a grand march where the wedding party then bride and groom are introduced and have their first dance. Things like the father/daughter and mother/son dance, garter and bouquet tosses, and crowd-participation dances like the chicken dance and hokey pokey (if you wish to have them) are done during the beginning of the event so that those who need to leave earlier can still take part.

Doing these events and special dances early in the evening also helps raise the energy level of the night and gives people a chance to get on their dancing shoes and get in the mood.  Also, the wedding photographer is usually looking to finish up their day shortly after the dance begins so it is nice to have these while they are still there with their camera.

Of course we are willing to modify our program to suit your needs!  Feel free to contact us to discuss what you have in mind.


Living Jukebox DJ Service is completely comfortable providing DJ entertainment for LGBT weddings.   As with all weddings, we are happy to adapt our service to your needs!



Are you wondering what the average cost of a wedding DJ is in Sheboygan?  Here’s a great resource breaks down the average based on actual weddings in our area.


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