What To Say When Greeting Your Wedding Guests


Does the idea of coming up with clever banter throughout your wedding day, as you speak to guest after guest after guest, make you nervous? Even the most outgoing personality can be at a loss for words when you take into consideration the emotions running high and a large number of people in the crowd.

If it’s any comfort, keep in mind the fact that your guests aren’t expecting to have extensive, one-on-one conversations with you on your wedding day. Instead, most guests are eager to congratulate you on your new marriage, tell you how great you look, and offer good wishes.

During your receiving line – if you choose to have one – the line will likely move quickly, giving you time to briefly greet each guest as they congratulate you. The reception, however, will give you plenty of opportunities to mingle with your guests. Don’t hide from them or spend every moment with your new spouse. Remember this is your event, you are the hostess, and the guests are here to honor you. In return, they deserve to have your attention for at least part of the evening.

Conversations with guests on your wedding day will give you the chance to finally meet your new spouse’s friends and relatives for the first time. Your new spouse and in-laws will be delighted to introduce you to out-of-town family and friends. Take this opportunity to introduce them to your family and friends, as well.

You’ll probably hear comments such as:

* “You look beautiful / fabulous / lovely.”
* “I’m Jenn. I don’t think we’ve met before.”
* “Everything went so smoothly.”
* “Congratulations!”
* “What a beautiful ceremony.”
* “I’m Stephanie’s second cousin once removed.”

Make an effort to speak to every guest, even if it means moving from table to table during the reception. Be ready with simple statements including:

* “Thank you so much for coming.”
* “We’re so glad you made it.”
* “It means so much to us for you to be here.”
* “Have you met my new husband, Jeffrey?”
* “So nice to see you.”
* “You know my parents, Mike and Carol, don’t you? Mom, Dad, this is Libby.”
* “We’re so honored that you’re here and hope you have a fabulous time.”
Avoid questions that might lead to long conversations with the chronic complainers in your life. ?You know who I’m talking about. Don’t ask how her flight was or if she likes the hotel unless you’re ready to hear about the horrible turbulence or how she’s stayed at much better hotels.

Keep in mind that your guests will remember your wedding day based on how welcome you made them feel. A few sincere words can make all the difference.

Also, be sure to have your wedding photographer capture some of these exchanges!